Eduards Trailer Factory

Eduards Trailer Factory (EDUARD) was founded in 2001 by Eduard Saris. The company specialises in the development, assembly and sale of non-braked and braked trailers (such as flat bed trailers, car transporter trailers, multi-transporters and tipper trailers). 70 employees in total work at the company.


Accurate assembly is about the perfect combination of the right materials with extreme precision and this is what lies behind the superior quality of an EDUARD trailer. We constantly perform quality checks on the materials that we use during the assembly process with tablets and advanced scanning equipment. Our production area has tripled in size since 2001 to over 3,000 m2 and with an external courtyard of around 7,000 m2.


We sell trailers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark and Finland. Over 8,500 EDUARD trailers were sold in 2015. We delivered around 13000 EDUARD trailers in 2017. 

Our increasing trailer sales are due to our prices that are in keeping with the market, our excellent quality, the right presentation and the ease with which customers can find us on the web.

During the last period, we achieved an annual growth of over 20%. We expect that there is even further room for growth in the market with our current product range. This growth does not alter the fact that we have an ambitious target for the coming years. We expect to achieve a 50% growth in turnover through independent growth and the penetration of new markets in the next 3 years.

After thoroughly researching the market, we developed an extensive range of flat-bed trailers, multi-transporters, car transporter trailers and tipper trailers that have been approved and included in various European endorsements. After we developed the various trailers, we focused on creating a good logistics system. We have been working continuously on this since the very beginning due the strong year-on-year growth at Eduards Trailer Factory BVBA.

Brand name
All trailers manufactured by Eduards Trailer Factory BVBA carry the EDUARD brand name. Our trailers have distinctive features, such as reflective tape on the side gates and the characteristic EDUARD logo images on the assembled components. This means that EDUARD trailers are unique and immediately recognisable.

The Factory
Eduards Trailer Factory is located in the Balen industrial estate (Mol, Belgium 40 km from Eindhoven). The company can be easily reached and this simplifies the supply and delivery of materials. Both the offices and the work and storage areas are located in Balen.

  • Over 13000 trailers every year
  • Market leader in a variety of segments
  • A-quality components, including KNOTT braking system
  • European dealership network




Eduard Saris


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