EDUARD multi-transporters

Multi-transporters by EDUARD Trailers are the ideal all-rounders. They are suitable for use as a “regular” flat-bed trailer but have ramps which also makes them suitable for transporting cars or machines. Our multi-transporters are available in various dimensions, with lengths up to 6.0 metres.

Choose your multi-transporter

EDUARD multi-transporters are between 150 and 220 cm wide and between 256 and 606 cm long. They are available with a gross loading capacity between 750kg and 3500 kg.

Use the configurator to choose your multi-transporter configuration.


What is a multi-transporter?

A multi-transporter is a flat-bed trailer with additional capabilities for transporting vehicles and machines using ramps. The ramps can be concealed beneath the loading floor. In multi-transporters, the wheels are located beneath the loading bay which makes it simple to load them from the side. 

Multi-transporters are frequently used as car transporters. Also practical is the optionally mounted hand winch. With its help you can esily pull up wheeled vehicles.

Why choose a multi-transporter from EDUARD trailers?

We have been manufacturing multi-transporters since 2001 and over this time they have gone through constant innovations and are in the top segment of the market. This is partly due to the extra-reinforced chassis, a single-piece floor plate, fastening hooks inside and outside the loading bay and a wide range of sizes and loading capacities. Read more about Eduard Trailers.

You can also rely on us for other types of trailers.  In addition to car transporter trailers, EDUARD also specialises in flat-bed trailerscar transporter trailers, and tipper trailers. You can find photos and more specific information about the trailers you are looking for on our site! Would you prefer to speak to us in person? Then please make an appointment with one of our dealers! You can find details on the dealer page.

EDUARD trailers can be equipped with a variety of accessories.

  • Can be used in many different ways
  • Storage box for ramps
  • Flat or with side gates
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • European dealership network



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