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This website will provide you with all information on EDUARD general duty trailers. These general duty trailers are renowned because of their robustness and their solid construction, whereby quality goes hand in hand with affordable pricing. All general duty trailers made by EDUARD are distributed by a wide range of dealers who are spread over the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria and the United Kingdom. More information on the addresses of our dealers you can find on our contact page 


Which general duty trailer?

A general duty trailer is characterised by its way of construction. A general duty trailer always has its wheels under bed instead of besides load floor. Because of the fact that the wheels are fit under the general duty trailer, amongst other advantages, it can le loaded from the side, which cannot happen with a skip. A general duty trailer therefore is very practical and multifunctional because it is standard equipped with ramps. Because of this a multi-transporter trailer can be used for transportation of cars or machines. With a general duty trailer there is hardly any difference between the size of the bed and the outer dimensions, by which they do not have any splash guard like a skip. The multi-transporter trailer is available with a gross loading capacity from 2000 kg up to and including 3500 kg and in different dimensions up to 6 meters. 


EDUARD general duty trailers are standard equipped with KNOTT tandem frames, 150 cm-long drawbars, binding hooks on the floor, winches, 246 cm-long roll-on ramps and floor plates made from one piece. A robust, fully zincked chassis, which has a long life due to its omega profiles.We can provide you with a variety of different braked multi-transporter trailers. But also in case you are looking for another trailer, you are at the right place with us. EDUARD is specialised in flatbed trailers, car transporters, machine transporters, tiltable transporters, car haulers, universal transport trailers and roll-on trailers.


On our site, you find photos and further specific information on the trailer you are looking for! Do you want to contact us in person? So consult one of our dealers directly. These dealers can be found on our contact page.


The EDUARD Brand

The renowned brand EDUARD offers you standard trailers in different sizes at very competitive prices. This does however not affect quality. We only use parts of leading manufacturers who can guarantee continuity in quality.


Service Possibilities for the EDUARD general duty trailer

All named dealers dispose of large workshops and will be pleased to take over the maintenance and they also exchange certain parts. Simply contact them by choosing your nearest dealer on our contact page. If you have any questions concerning sales or specifications of our general duty trailers, you can contact one of our dealers without any obligation. You will find the contact data on our contact page.