EDUARD Machinetransporter


The Eduard Machinetransporter*

Meet the Eduard machinetransporter our latest innovation. The unique tilting system allows easy and safe loading, anywhere. You load your machines quickly and comfortably over the ramp, that occupies the entire width of the trailer.

*This trailer is expected to become available during the fourth quarter of 2018. Ask your dealer for more information.

What is a machine transporter?

A machine transporter is a flatbed trailer with the additional possibilities to transport machines and other vehicles by using a ramp and a tilting system.

Why a machine transporter from Eduard?

The machine transporter has particularly small access angles due to the unique tilting system. Depending on the length and loading surface height of the machine transporter, this angle is just between 5.7 ° and 12 °.


 In the models with ramps, the ramp angle itself is even smaller and is then only between 4.7 ° and 9 °. Read more about the tiltable transporter with ramps on the page for car transporters.

The hydraulically operated supports in the front of the trailer ensure that the weight is supported on the ground and that the trailer hitch is not heavily loaded when loading machines. This innovation significantly relieves your towing vehicle compared to other tilting systems.

Like all Eduard trailers, the machine transporter is equipped as standard with a reinforced, galvanized frame, a one-piece floor and fastening hooks in the loading floor and on the frame. More information about Eduard Trailers.

Configure a machine transporter

The machine transporters will be available in various dimensions with lengths from 4.0 to 6.0 m. The machine transporters have a gross load capacity of 2700 kg to 3500 kg. Configure a machine transporter with our configurator.

You can also contact us for other trailers. In addition to machine transporters, Eduard specializes in flatbed trailers, car transporters, multi-transporters and tippers. Here, on our website you can find photos and more detailed information about the trailers you are looking for. Would you rather have personal contact? Then talk to one of our dealers! They can be found on the page with all selling points.

  • Can be used in many different ways
  • Full width loading ramp
  • Fastening hooks on the loading floor and the chassis
  • European dealership network

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